When teenagers head towards adulthood with too few coping skills and too many peers wanting them to join in activities that may not support success at school or home, therapy can often help. The adults in a teenager’s life, given their own stressors and responsibilities and concerns, don’t always listen or try to understand the adolescents point of view. My job is to be that under-standing, non-judgmental listener who values the teenager’s opinions, and offers support while the s/he works towards meeting his/her goals.

The adolescent is the client, and therefore has his or her own right to confidentiality. Because it is vitally important that the teenage client learn to trust the therapist, the parents are privy to information on a need- and right-to-know basis. Guidelines for what information will and will not be shared with the parents is established by the parents, their adolescent and me at the onset of therapy. At times, the parents and other family members may be asked to participate in therapy in order to help the adolescent learn to become more engaged with the family, or to address issues that involve others at home.

Therapy can help your teenager with issues such as …

  • Social adjustment
  • Bullying Emotional Distress
  • Anxiety, Depression, Trauma
  • Divorce, Grief, Step family issues
  • Transitions at home or at school

Call for a free 30-minute consultation, and plan to bring your teenager with you. I believe s/he or should have a part in choosing his or her therapist.