Individual Therapy

In individual therapy, you are free to explore the issues that may be holding you back at work or in your personal life. By looking closely at what is going on in your life today you can begin to sort out and lessen the impact of negative messages and false beliefs that no longer serve you well. You may learn that it is possible and acceptable for you to pursue your dreams and create the life your desire.

You will benefit from my eclectic approach to therapy, which means I to tailor your treatment to meet your needs. Together we will develop your goals for therapy. I will guide, counsel, coach, educate, and support you working to meet those objectives. It takes time for the trust to develop in our relationship, but in time, most clients find they can reveal their deepest fears and concerns—sometimes for the first time in their life. I will create safe, non-judgmental environment where you will feel safe to be authentically you—often a new experience for those who spent years trying to meet the expectations of others.

In therapy, you can learn to….

  • Enjoy improved relationships.
  • Lessen stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Reduce depression and bad feelings about yourself.
  • Increase your self-esteem and stop being so mean to yourself.
  • Find relief from addictive and compulsive behaviors.
  • Stand up to co-dependency.

If you are willing to look at the behaviors that are causing you problems, I would like to help you on your path to a fuller more satisfactory life.

  • Depression — feeling sad or down, loss of enjoyment, irritability, sense of worthlessness, insomnia
  • Anxiety — difficulty making decisions, frequent worrying, panic attacks
  • Relationship Issues — unable to start or maintain an intimate relationship, on-going conflict or difficulty getting along with others
  • Life Transitions — newly married, birth of a child, career and job changes, serious illness, death of a loved one, aging and retirement
  • Meaning of Life — what is important, why am I here?