Meet Nickie

Helping others find solutions to problems and issues is something that I’ve been doing as a mentor, sponsor and friend all my life.

That’s why I decided to ground my experience and intuitive abilities with professional training in proven approaches and theory. To that end, I obtained a Master’s of Science degree in Counseling from the California State University, Fullerton where I graduated with honors.

My clients are individuals, couples, and adolescents interested in improving their quality of life by looking at the issues that lie beneath the obvious behavioral and emotional concerns. Together we work through all sorts of issues such as those related to trauma, relationships, stress, anxiety and depression. My clients also may work to increase their self esteem, and learn how to support their aging parents. Additionally, I have extensive experience with women and men in recovery from addiction, and with adults who grew up in the chaos of an alcoholic or otherwise dysfunctional family.

My education, training and life experience can help you discover solutions to the issues which are troubling you. It helps that I have used therapy to solve issues in my own life as well.

I have a private practice with offices in Old Town, Tustin and at The Waters in Costa Mesa. CA.  Helping people learn to live a more joyful life is my passion. I would like to help you, too.

Call or text me at 949.505.4333 or send an email to