Relationship Counseling

Does your story go something like this? You met “the one” and at first everything went very well. You were able to overlook and accept each other’s sometimes annoying behaviors and sex was great. As time went on, however, your relationship changed and one or both of you became discontent. Arguments became more frequent and the desire for intimacy lessened. Communication faltered. Fault finding and blaming  increased.

You are not alone. Raising children, financial difficulties, stress of daily life and work takes a toll on relationships. Couples grow apart and may consider divorce. But, before you take that final step, why not see if you can rekindle the passion you once felt for your partner and create the relationship you desire with the one you’re with.

If you are ready to turn your relationship around and restore or discover the connection you desire and deserve; give me a call at 949-505-4333. Let’s decide together if my skills and experience are a fit for you.

  • Frequent arguing or conflict
  • Parenting issues
  • Lack of connection or intimacy
  • Emotional distress — anger, frustration, boredom, loneliness, hurt feelings
  • Life transitions — new baby, launching children, remarriage and blended families, career change, job loss, serious health issues — these all put additional stress on a relationship
  • Managing a separation or divorce
  • Pre-marital counseling