The thought of going to therapy is scary for most of us. We wonder what will take place–will the therapist tell me how to live my life? Want me to give up my independence? Will she use what I tell her against me? Will I be judged or shamed?

Those fears are normal but usually unfounded. As your therapist, I will come along beside you; not to judge your behavior or make decisions for you, but to help you learn new ways of coping with your particular circumstances, exploring choices that are perhaps keeping you “stuck.”

Whether you’re struggling in your relationships at work or school, with your partner or spouse, children or parents, there are usually things that YOU can do to feel better regardless of what the other person is doing. If childhood trauma keeps you trapped in fear and anxiety, if you worry too much or are lonely or depressed, if you’re battling addiction or have difficulty saying “no” and making it stick, therapy can work for you, too.

Regardless of your issue, there is a solution. You establish the goals for yourself and work at your pace. Your therapy is all about you!

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